It’s a concept in Taoism that is often translated as “action without action”  or “effortlessly doing.”  Leo Batauta, the author of the book Focus and where I have read this word describes this as “action that does not involve struggle or excessive effort.” 

I’ve been thinking a lot lately and I think that I am in a rut!  I’m 29 and here I am questioning myself, “What do I want to do with my life?”  It’s not that I don’t really know what to do, believe me I know exactly I want and somehow I’m almost there.  It’s not that I dont have a job because I have one which I’m sure most people would trade places with  but I’m yearning for more.  Probably, I’m just experiencing the quarterly crisis syndrome.  I want to do something with my life that has more meaning and more passion.  Yes, I’m looking for that “wei wu wei.”

Lately, I read some article features of people  in their early 20’s and yet they have created their own companies and made millions – Mark Zuckerberg, the 26 year old Facebook founder and CEO with $4 billion in his sleeves; Stacey Bendet, 32 and founder of alice + olivia, a colthing line which is raking in $50 million a year; Lindsay Philips, creator of the revolutionary SwitchFlops, who started her business idea in high school and now has expanded her innovative collection into other footwear options, handbags and scarves; etc.  ETC because there are still more who are the object of my admiration and envy.

And we are not talking here only about those who have made millions but even those who just started with a simple project, yet has already gained worldwide attention and  has become internet sensations.  (Of course those I’ve mentioned earlier also started with just something trivial and yet have turned their ideas into something that has revolutionized the world. )  I’ll just mention two of my favorite persons who are probably on their way to turning their brilliant ideas to millions (who knows they already have). 

One is Marisa Lynch, who luckily got laid off to start her one dollar dress a day project.  She’s very creative and I love how she could turn a shabby looking mummu into a head-turner outfit.  Now, she has made appearances in TV shows and has inspired a lot of women into sewing.  I for one would be taking on a sewing class after I finish Graduate School (I’m telling myself, “Lei, you ought to finish graduate school so you can sew =) ). 

Tavi Gavenson, who is barely 14 and yet “beating hard-working journalist who are paying their dues to slowly work their way up the corporate ladder.” She has been profiled in New Yorker, and now has announced that she’s she is starting her own magazine.  For a person almost half my age, that is a WOW. 

There’s just one thing I believe  that resonates in these people – “wei wu  wei.”  They found their passion, are doing things that they love and are incredibly committed to them.  So, my question again is what is the “wei wu wei”  for me.