Ok, this is it!  I’m reading a book about focus – focusing on things that are essential.  It’s cool that I got to download it online for free.  Thank you Leo Babauta offering a free downloadable version of Focus.  With the Age of Information also comes the Age of Distraction.  I am always disracted. My day would always revolve on checking my facebook (which I have 3 accounts, plus my boyfriend’s), checking my emails, writing on my blogs (which I am so lousy..and now I’m starting another one), watching movies or series – all of which I couldn’t do without jumping from one tasks to another.  We call it multi-tasking and with the demands of the present time, we need to be very good at it but in my case, because of  too much multi-tasking, it  takes me a long time for me to finish a task.  I’m reading the book at present and I just took a short break, to write this note and I’m doing it just this time.    The book is teaching me how to focus so from now on, I will do my best to be a little more into “creating”  and “accomplishing.”  I mean in a day, I should accomplish something I can be proud of…something that could benefit me in the future, if not now.

 So here’s the plan.  Everyday, I’ll write what I have accomplished.  At this time, I’m thinking of things that I have to do everyday..a new schedule for me and this includes:

 Working out.  I have not worked out for two months already so I’m getting back to pilates again.  One hour a day.  My routine:  a dance warm-up, pilates for the belly, hands, legs and butt.  That’s all I need.  I’m a skinny girl so I don’t need a weight reduction regimen.  All I want is just some toning, a little curves and a flat abs.  I get my cardio exercise from walking to work everyday.  I live in a 5-story dormitory and my room is in the 5th floor.  After tackling the stairs of the building, I still have to walk about  85 minutes downhill, which I do briskwalking.  Then going back, that’s another 8 minutes uphill.  I think that’s enough.  Probably I’d think of learning a new dance step or get into ball room dancing…but the key is to get toned and stick with the regimen!

Blogging.  I have three blogs  aside from this one-one for my trips, my cookbook and a personal blog about my journey with God.  I’m a lousy blogger but I’ll try to change that.  Atleast I have to finish one blog a day.  I have to catch up with almost 15 more entries for my traveler’s blog.  Putting up pictures is slowing me down so if I get stuck with it, then I’d settle for just posting even one recipe for my cook book.  I hope to do more on “my sanctuary” blog, which means that I have spent more time with my God, talking to Him and just being with Him.  My Sanctuary is a blog on my conversations with God and articles that I have used in my meditation. 

 Reading.  Ok, one book a week is a good target.  So for this week, I’ll read “Focus:  a simplicity manifesto in the age of distraction” by Leo Babauta.  Actually, the goal is to finsih it tonight.  Just 127 pages and it’s a very easy to read book so I think I can do it.

Movies.  I can watch a movie within the week but I devote my weekends to movie marathon.  That is a reward to myself for sticking with my schedule.  Ok, no “creating”  on weekends.  I mean no pressure to “create” on weekends but if I’m eager and a new idea pops us, then I won’t stop myself from letting my creative juices flow.

 So that’s just for now.

 For today, I think I did a good job.  I mean just for tonight, I could give myself a pat on the shoulder.   Starting this blog is already an accomplishment.  And at the end of the night, I have already worked out for an hour, read a book and did some beauty regimen (my teabags are in the freezer waiting for me to put them on my eyes after I finish the book).

Great job Lei!