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It all started with this note: “Change your FB profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood. The goal? To not see a human face on FB till Monday, December 6th. Join the fight against child abuse & copy & paste to your status to invite your friends to do the same.”

And it caught on like wildfire!  Now, almost everyone of my friends in facebook has their favorite cartoon character as their profile picture.  I think this is one of the sweetest fads that hit facebook.  I’m sure that not everyone thought about campaigning against child abuse when they put up their favorite cartoon character but it has surely brought a lot of good childhood memories.  I could say that cartoons have somehow defined our childhood. 

Since I saw the note, I have gone from being Dee Dee, the ditzy, simple-minded older sister of Dexter in Dexter’s Laboratory

to Cinderella, the Disney movie that I have seen probably hundred times already.  It was my favorite Disney character when I was 9 and  still enjoy watching it at 29.  😉

After 6 hours of being Cinderella, I changed my profile to picture of Petrie and Ducky from another favorite movie, the Land Before Time. This film never cease to move me to tears.  My boyfriend is Ducky so it figures that I’m Petrie.  🙂

When I changed my profile picture to Peter Pan and Wendy, my student posted a comment on my wall saying that I am more like Tinkerbell because I light up the path of “lost boys.”  As a counselor, I am flattered  with that comment.

For now, I am Road runner.  I remeber laughing my heart out watching the “super genius”  Wile E.  Coyote and his absurd contraptions but my childhood hero would always outwit him.  Now, Road runner’s signature sound “Beep beep”  is ringing in my head.

This cartoon character fad in facebook is supposed to end on Monday so I still have time to honor those who have made my childhood happy – Denver, the Last Dinosaur, the Flintstones, the Jetsons, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Care bears, Thundercats, GI Joe, X-men, Rainbow Brite, Tom and Jerry …and the list goes on.


It’s a concept in Taoism that is often translated as “action without action”  or “effortlessly doing.”  Leo Batauta, the author of the book Focus and where I have read this word describes this as “action that does not involve struggle or excessive effort.” 

I’ve been thinking a lot lately and I think that I am in a rut!  I’m 29 and here I am questioning myself, “What do I want to do with my life?”  It’s not that I don’t really know what to do, believe me I know exactly I want and somehow I’m almost there.  It’s not that I dont have a job because I have one which I’m sure most people would trade places with  but I’m yearning for more.  Probably, I’m just experiencing the quarterly crisis syndrome.  I want to do something with my life that has more meaning and more passion.  Yes, I’m looking for that “wei wu wei.”

Lately, I read some article features of people  in their early 20’s and yet they have created their own companies and made millions – Mark Zuckerberg, the 26 year old Facebook founder and CEO with $4 billion in his sleeves; Stacey Bendet, 32 and founder of alice + olivia, a colthing line which is raking in $50 million a year; Lindsay Philips, creator of the revolutionary SwitchFlops, who started her business idea in high school and now has expanded her innovative collection into other footwear options, handbags and scarves; etc.  ETC because there are still more who are the object of my admiration and envy.

And we are not talking here only about those who have made millions but even those who just started with a simple project, yet has already gained worldwide attention and  has become internet sensations.  (Of course those I’ve mentioned earlier also started with just something trivial and yet have turned their ideas into something that has revolutionized the world. )  I’ll just mention two of my favorite persons who are probably on their way to turning their brilliant ideas to millions (who knows they already have). 

One is Marisa Lynch, who luckily got laid off to start her one dollar dress a day project.  She’s very creative and I love how she could turn a shabby looking mummu into a head-turner outfit.  Now, she has made appearances in TV shows and has inspired a lot of women into sewing.  I for one would be taking on a sewing class after I finish Graduate School (I’m telling myself, “Lei, you ought to finish graduate school so you can sew =) ). 

Tavi Gavenson, who is barely 14 and yet “beating hard-working journalist who are paying their dues to slowly work their way up the corporate ladder.” She has been profiled in New Yorker, and now has announced that she’s she is starting her own magazine.  For a person almost half my age, that is a WOW. 

There’s just one thing I believe  that resonates in these people – “wei wu  wei.”  They found their passion, are doing things that they love and are incredibly committed to them.  So, my question again is what is the “wei wu wei”  for me.

 Ok, this is it!  I’m reading a book about focus – focusing on things that are essential.  It’s cool that I got to download it online for free.  Thank you Leo Babauta offering a free downloadable version of Focus.  With the Age of Information also comes the Age of Distraction.  I am always disracted. My day would always revolve on checking my facebook (which I have 3 accounts, plus my boyfriend’s), checking my emails, writing on my blogs (which I am so lousy..and now I’m starting another one), watching movies or series – all of which I couldn’t do without jumping from one tasks to another.  We call it multi-tasking and with the demands of the present time, we need to be very good at it but in my case, because of  too much multi-tasking, it  takes me a long time for me to finish a task.  I’m reading the book at present and I just took a short break, to write this note and I’m doing it just this time.    The book is teaching me how to focus so from now on, I will do my best to be a little more into “creating”  and “accomplishing.”  I mean in a day, I should accomplish something I can be proud of…something that could benefit me in the future, if not now.

 So here’s the plan.  Everyday, I’ll write what I have accomplished.  At this time, I’m thinking of things that I have to do everyday..a new schedule for me and this includes:

 Working out.  I have not worked out for two months already so I’m getting back to pilates again.  One hour a day.  My routine:  a dance warm-up, pilates for the belly, hands, legs and butt.  That’s all I need.  I’m a skinny girl so I don’t need a weight reduction regimen.  All I want is just some toning, a little curves and a flat abs.  I get my cardio exercise from walking to work everyday.  I live in a 5-story dormitory and my room is in the 5th floor.  After tackling the stairs of the building, I still have to walk about  85 minutes downhill, which I do briskwalking.  Then going back, that’s another 8 minutes uphill.  I think that’s enough.  Probably I’d think of learning a new dance step or get into ball room dancing…but the key is to get toned and stick with the regimen!

Blogging.  I have three blogs  aside from this one-one for my trips, my cookbook and a personal blog about my journey with God.  I’m a lousy blogger but I’ll try to change that.  Atleast I have to finish one blog a day.  I have to catch up with almost 15 more entries for my traveler’s blog.  Putting up pictures is slowing me down so if I get stuck with it, then I’d settle for just posting even one recipe for my cook book.  I hope to do more on “my sanctuary” blog, which means that I have spent more time with my God, talking to Him and just being with Him.  My Sanctuary is a blog on my conversations with God and articles that I have used in my meditation. 

 Reading.  Ok, one book a week is a good target.  So for this week, I’ll read “Focus:  a simplicity manifesto in the age of distraction” by Leo Babauta.  Actually, the goal is to finsih it tonight.  Just 127 pages and it’s a very easy to read book so I think I can do it.

Movies.  I can watch a movie within the week but I devote my weekends to movie marathon.  That is a reward to myself for sticking with my schedule.  Ok, no “creating”  on weekends.  I mean no pressure to “create” on weekends but if I’m eager and a new idea pops us, then I won’t stop myself from letting my creative juices flow.

 So that’s just for now.

 For today, I think I did a good job.  I mean just for tonight, I could give myself a pat on the shoulder.   Starting this blog is already an accomplishment.  And at the end of the night, I have already worked out for an hour, read a book and did some beauty regimen (my teabags are in the freezer waiting for me to put them on my eyes after I finish the book).

Great job Lei!