I don’t drink coffee.  It’s because that I get dizzy and sleepy after drinking it.  But just today, I got myself hooked with coffee.  I remember reading an article about caffeine being indicted to the skin care hall of fame so in pursuit of beauty, I’ve gotten myself into the caffeine craze. 

For my coffe facial mask concotion, I used a 3-in-1 coffee.  The ideal is to use a finely ground coffee but since I’m not a coffee drinker, I just used one that is available (I got it in my university’s cafeteria 😉 .  There are coffee sachet and tea bags at the counter for anyone who wants to have coffee or tea after meal.  I always get one or two bags of tea but just earlier, I added a sachet of coffee to take home.) I put the coffee in one of the paper cups that I also take home along with my tea and placed a small amount of milk, stir it to get the thick texture that I wanted for my mask.

I applied it on my face and massaged it for few minutes.  It’s a little bit messy but the smell was so yummy.  I had the urge to lick my fingers after I had used them to apply the coffee paste on my face.  Good thing it was night time.  I didnt want to get dizzy and  have a sleepless night so I shook off the idea.  But believe me the smell was heavenly that I was tempted several times.  I thought of Cranberry Upside-down Coffee Cake. 

I left the coffee mask on my face for about 20 minutes while I enjoy my green tea and my Harry Potter Video.  

 The coffe mask felt just like any exfoliating product that I have used.  I felt like my skin was being stretched.  After I washed it off, I felt my skin glow and it was baby smooth to touch.  I love it!

I’m a beauty buff today.  I’m thinking of finishing my night with another beauty regimen – tea bags dark cirlcle remedy!  I’m going to use the tea bags that I used earlier.  Tea contains potent antioxidants that fight free radicals that are prone to develop in sensitive skin tissue zome like under the one under the eyes, causing premature aging and intesifying our dark cirlcles.  I’ll just have to put my tea bags in the fridge in a little while to give it a more soothing effect.

This would be a wonderful night!